Plataforma integral para el Desarrollo de Talento

The only truly integrated Platform for Business Development

Live a technologic and intuitive experience that motivates your people to learn, share and connect with your organization.

Engagement entre colaboradores y sus empresas


Ignite the interchange of knowledge and experiences at the interior of your company with news and chat integrations.

Aprendizaje con capacitación en línea


Salesforce, managers, channels, operations… everyone will be able to enjoy online training with Forward Platform.

Comunicación interna, plataforma social


Develop a relationship of trust and purpose between your employees, their teams and the company.

Success Stories

Forward Company Sharing

The best learning tool for developing your peoples talent

Forward Plataforma Training



Store and share information in the cloud

Forward Plataform Cloud

Forward Cloud

Share and comment about interesting topics

Forward Plataform Noticias


Make video conferences  and virtual live training

Forward Plataform Channel

Forward Channel 

Ignite the engagement within your  organization

Forward Plataform Reconocimientos


Acknowledge the achievements of your people

Forward Plataform Recompensas


Design unique career plans for every person

Forward Plataform Plan de carrera



Forward Company Learning
Forward Company Connecting

Know your company and it’s people, better, everyday

Forward Plataform Evaluaciones y encuestas

Tests & Assessments

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